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Osama Abou Taleb

Managing Director / Co-Founder


Osama is an accomplished professional whose wealth of expertise is derived from multifaceted roles in cross functional and cross geographical team management and leadership, with a keen focus on fostering organizational growth. Osama has consistently demonstrated a mastery of formulating and achieving precise objectives, thereby driving calculated profits. His track record includes a proactive approach to exploring new markets and strategically expanding business operations.

Osama’s tenure within a fiercely competitive professional landscape, where he honed his acumen for understanding market competition and harnessing the organization’s competitive advantages. This strategic insight has positioned his teams to excel within niche market segments, achieving remarkable profit margins. He possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics and turnover rates, all while maintaining a relentless commitment to pursuing opportunities within the blue ocean market space by leveraging cutting-edge technology advantages.

We are delighted to have Osama as a valuable asset, and his extensive experience and expertise will undoubtedly prove instrumental in INOVATREK’s ongoing endeavors.