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Our Vision

To become the gold standard of drilling solutions in the MENA region, known for exceptional quality, reliability, and sustainability

Our Mision

Is to empower regional oil and gas companies to achieve their goals of producing clean sustainable energy. We strive to accomplish this by offering cost-effective and reliable technology while capitalizing on our proven local experience to deliver tailored integral operational solutions


Our Values

Our core values as a company are driven by who we are as individuals. We are:

Warriors who embrace the Bushido virtues of justice, courage, benevolence, politeness, honesty, sincerity, honor, loyalty, character, and self-control.

Veterans of the oil and gas industry, with a firm belief that safety, operational excellence, and legal compliance aren’t optional, but rather essential conditions for doing business.

Businessmen who acknowledge that profitability is critical to maintaining decision independence and sustainability, and we’re committed to creating a sustainable future for our company and stakeholders.

Cracking the Market Code: Filling the Gaps, Finding Our Place, and Getting to Know Our Company

Over the past decade, the global energy sector has witnessed seismic shifts, including the “U.S. Shale Revolution,” the disruptive impact of Covid-19, geopolitical tensions like the Ukraine conflict, and mounting concerns over climate change. These events forced governments, operating companies, and service firms to adapt. New, agile local companies emerged, but a significant technical competence gap surfaced, as seasoned experts were let go due to financial pressures, their return to the market hindered by current pricing constraints. To address this gap and deliver cost-effective, reliable drilling solutions, INOVATREK, with nearly 50 years of proven local experience across 17 countries, steps in. Our mission is to empower the MENA market with sustainable energy solutions, epitomizing Proven Local Experience.

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